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Your Guide to Buying an Printer For Macs Eric Hewitt

How should you choose a printer for a Mac?

If you do most of your work on a Mac computer, you might have had difficulty getting your work printed. Have you missed a work deadline only because you wasted valuable time looking for a cyber café to get print-outs? Well, it’s time to set everything right in your life by getting a printer for your Mac. However, buying a printer for a Mac is not a cakewalk. The best printer for Mac will comply with a number of important factors, that reinforce its reputation as a user-friendly device.​

Important Features

What should you consider before buying a printer for a Mac

The most important criteria of a printer’s quality are its ink consumption rate and its printing speed. The home-printing experience has become much simpler and convenient with the advent of new-age Mac printers and their smart features. After reading thousands of printer for Mac reviews on-line, we have put together some pointers to help you in picking the best one:

  • Opt for wireless printer: There are different types of printers for a Mac. But, it is easier to work with the ones that offer wireless printing. It can print using a home Wi-Fi network. It can also be used to connect several other devices to one printer.

  • Choose a printer with the Wi-Fi Direct/Wireless Direct feature: You need to check whether the printer offers the Wi-Fi Direct or the Wireless Direct feature. (There are slight differences between Wi-Fi Direct and Wireless Direct in terms of how to configure the printer.) The Wi-Fi Direct feature provides a connection between a printer and the device, even in the absence of the Wi-Fi signal.

  • Ensure an Apple Air print: If you are looking for a Mac printer, it must have Apple AirPrint. This will allow it to print directly from Apple iOS products, and can also be used even with an iPhone.

  • Check if you need NFC: You should read the printer reviews to know whether your printer has a Near Field Communication (= NFC) feature. It will help you connect devices if they are within just a few centimeters of each other.

  • Go for a higher DPI: You should get a printer with a higher DPI. It will provide clearer and more detailed prints of pictures. 


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